Muay Thai Rules
Muay Thai Rules

Know your Muay Thai Rules!

The winner is determined by the rules. The fighter should know and follow the rules.

To score, the technique should visibly effect the opponent. Throwing powerful techniques that visibly effect the opponent is better than throwing a few which have no effect. Techniques are scored like this.
Muay Thai scoring rules
The panel of judges consists of 3 people. They can designate scores at the end of each round of 10:10 (draw), 10:9 (victory by significant margin), 10:8 (win by undisputed margin). Judges tally up points at the end of the match to decide a winner.
Other Muay Thai rules
The contest consists of five rounds, which are 3 minutes long. A rest period of 2 minutes is given in between rounds. Fighters must weigh in before the fight. Fighters will be matched against fighters in the same weight division. Fighters have the option of performing a Ram Muay dance before the match begins.


The ring shall be constructed as follows:
1.1.The ring consists of a square of small size: 20 feet x 20 feet, Large size: 24 feet x 24 feet, and is measure WITHIN the ropes.
1.2 Corner and Floor: Good construction and minimum extension outside the Muay Thai ring of at least 3 feet. Floor height should be at least 4 feet off the ground, and maximum of 5 feet. Corner posts diameter should be between 4 and 5 inches and have height of 58 inches. Posts MUST have cushioning.
1.3 Ring Floor: Floor must have padding of at least 1 inch and maximum of 1.5 inches. This cushioning is to be covered with canvas cloth.
1.4 Ropes: must have minimum diameter of 1.2 inches and max of 2 inches. They link each post to each other, and have 3 at different heights on each side of the ring.
1.5. Ring Steps: At least three (3) sets are required. The width of each step should be at least 3.50 feet (1.07 metres). One set is located at each corner and a third shall be positioned centrally for the doctor and other officials.
1.5 Ring Steps: 3 sets of steps required.
1.6. Plastic Bin: Must have bin for tissues, bandages and other rubbish.

Muay Thai Techniques

Note: All Muay Thai Techniques here are described or an orthodox fighter. Please swap left and right if South Paw.
Type Name Description
Punch Technique Kha Jig Khai The boxer throws a straight left quickly followed by another offensive technique.
Punch Technique Prapai Lom Singkorn Right straight punch twisting the body into the punch and stepping the right foot forward. One of the most powerful punches in Muay Thai.
Punch Technique Wanorn Hak Dan Boxer throws a traverse punch to the opponents jaws or ribs (body rip).
Punch Technique Prakan Perd Lok The boxer steps with the right foot and hits the opponents chin with a right uppercut.
Punch Technique Khok Nasa Downwards punch towards nose or jaw.
Punch Technique Intra Kwang Jak Downwards punch towards neck.
Punch Technique Pralak Hom Pon Right uppercut to heart or abdomen.
Punch and Kick Technique Pajon Chang San Boxer throws right punch to chin and swings left kick to opponents rib
Punch and Knee Technique Hanuman Thawai Waen Boxer throws uppercut with both hands while jumping knees into opponents chest. Attack has four contact points.
Punch and Knee Technique Luang Dan Hera Boxer throws right hook and left knee at same time.
Punch Technique Ongkot Kuang Prakan Throwing right and left punches to victims jaws.
Combo Technique Naka Pon Fai Kan Left uppercut to abdomen, right straight to chin, left hook to chin.
Combo Technique Hak Dan Lom Krod Right punch to chin, followed by spinning back elbow to neck.
Punch Technique Rue See Lum Yuen "The Unreal Fists". Jab is faked and then right cross thrown. Or vice versa.

Muay Thai Weight Divisions

Category Weight (up to)
Super Heavyweight 209 lbs+ (95 kg+)
Heavyweight 190 lbs+ (86.183 kg+)
Cruiserweight 190 lbs (86.183 kg)
Light Heavyweight 175 lbs (79.379 kg)
Super Middleweight 168 lbs (76.363 kg)
Middleweight 160 lbs (71.575 kg)
Junior Middleweight 154 lbs (69.853 kg)
Welterweight 147 lbs (66.638 kg)
Junior Welterweight 140 lbs (63.503 kg)
Lightweight 135 lbs (61.235 kg)
Junior Lightweight 130 lbs (58.967 kg)
Featherweight 126 lbs (57.153 kg)
Junior Featherweight 122 lbs (55.338 kg)
Bantamweight 118 lbs (53.524 kg)
Junior Bantamweight 115 lbs (52.163 kg)
Flyweight 112 lbs (50.802 kg)
Junior Flyweight 108 lbs (48.988 kg)
Mini Flyweight 105 lbs (47.727 kg)

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